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NCAS Conference Rolling Blog: 16/10


9:05am Morning Bournemouth. We’re in to the final day. Stay strong, grab a coffee and let’s go…

9:10am Lots of morning sessions to get stuck in to including CSE, transforming care and the role of housing. In fact, Jon Rouse from Department of Health says that we should applaud those housing providers who understand the need to integrate with other services. Housing as a key driver to reducing demand for health and social care?

Big facts coming out from the transforming care session: Number of people in specialist hospitals has been stuck at 2,500 for some time. We need to change that, says Fiona Clarke, Programme Director NHSE.

9:20am Local leadership a key theme coming out of the both the transforming care and CSE sessions.

@daithirussell: Great to see carers & ppl who use services centre stage sharing experiences #ncasc15 #careact (pic)

10:00am Reflections and key messages from the three days starting to form:

@Alice_Pye: Biggest theme at #NCASC15 – workforce. Biggest determinant of quality – vital to raise profile & value as social care’s most valuable asset

– Do you agree? What other themes will you takeaway from the three days?

10:45am We’re closely following the Ofsted session ‘Joint targeted area inspection and post 2017 inspections of children’s services‘ , following the release of our new report: A Brave New World: Is inspection improving children’s servcies

11:06am Lots of talk about ‘inspection readiness’…. as well as quality versus proportionality

11:49am @darrylf_bedford shares what Ofsted inspections could look like in 2017

12:00pm Recognition from Ofsted of the negative impact of its judgements and suggestions from the audience on the regulator’s role to better drive improvement. For example, the involvement in young people and more engagement with the public on what judgements actually mean

1:10pm Key messages from Minister of State for Community and Social Care, Alistair Burt’s speech:

  • Mental health continues to be a priority with a focus on children’s mental health with £1.4bn being invested over this parliament
  • Funding situation is still unclear: “I’ll find out what funding is when you find out”.

Jeremy Cooper shares “In the last session of NCAS 2015, Alistair Burt, minister of state for social care, has just been asked for advice on delivering sustainable social care (slightly amusingly, by President of ADASS Ray James, who has a bit of insight on the topic of his own).

The Minister’s response was interesting. In his understated way he offered two ideas which he seemed to think is enough, for which I have read between the lines.
1) “I’ve been slightly surprised at variability of service around the country” i.e. If you would only share your best ideas and copy them you’d be much better off.
2) having “real (health and care) partnerships” I.e. If you can just get on with your NHS system leaders you can deliver integrated health and care for much less.
I wonder if that is actually pretty much the DH view of what will be enough.

1:15pm And that’s a wrap! We’ve had a great conference. More thoughts and reflections from the IMPOWER team will be up on the blog over the next couple of weeks

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