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A day in the life of an Assistant Director… Ben Evans

Ben Evans

A few years ago I wrote a piece about life as an IMPOWER consultant – since then lots has changed; Covid obviously, but also what IMPOWER does and how we do it.

What hasn’t changed however is IMPOWER’s core mission – delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients and their service users.

IMPOWER’s approach – working with frontline staff and service users to deliver sustained benefits throughout complex systems, was having a significant impact prior to Covid, and crucially has continued to do so throughout the pandemic.

As someone who has maintained a career in consultancy partly because I relish the travel and working on site with clients, I’m not going to pretend that working from home (or in my case my shed) throughout the pandemic has been enjoyable.

However, it has still been fulfilling – not least because IMPOWER’s role as trusted advisers and confidents to our clients has come to the fore. Notwithstanding all the pressures they’re facing – the councils I’ve been working with have still prioritised time with IMPOWER. I like to think this is because we are a sounding board for knotty and complex problems, and not because I’m good for a laugh due to various hair clipper incidents…

Since March 2020, I’d broadly say the work I’ve done has split into three categories; immediate Covid response, designing and planning the post-Covid council, and continuing to drive and deliver change programmes to support the most vulnerable citizens. The work itself is fascinating, and I am proud that IMPOWER is trusted to work in partnership with our clients to solve these challenges. I strongly believe that this is because we try and solve these problems in the round – looking holistically at outcomes, social justice and resilience, as well as the bottom line.

As an Assistant Director, my time is predominately client facing as the lead for our large delivery programmes. This means working with Council leadership and service directors to set the strategic direction, whilst leading the IMPOWER team in delivering significant impact. It is a dynamic, challenging role, with a lot of internal and external expectation and accountability.

Of course, client activity is only one element of life as a consultant. I’ve always enjoyed working for IMPOWER and this has continued through the pandemic – where our company values have continued to come to the fore.

From the outset the primary message from the business has been that staff wellbeing comes above all else, and everyone has been given the flexibility to make this work for them. In my case I try to go for a daylight run at least three working days a week, and I’ve needed to juggle childcare as my wife is a Doctor (and therefore her work has taken precedence) – both of which have been supportively accommodated by the business.

Stepping back from the here and now, IMPOWER has always supported staff in building their career within the business. I’ve moved from Senior Consultant to Assistant Director – taking on additional responsibilities and challenges each time, but always with plenty of support. Something I particularly enjoy as an Assistant Director is supporting colleagues in progressing through IMPOWER, and I will always try to create roles on projects that allow people to grow and push themselves.

I’m delighted that IMPOWER continues to thrive and grow – our values and mission remain at the core of what we do and drive the business. If you’d like to know more about working for IMPOWER do get in touch.

Written by

Ben Evans

Director, IMPOWER



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