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5 Fast-Forwards, 3 months on: how is it being used?

Ralph Cook

Since the July launch of our report ‘5 Fast-Forwards for Social Care’ which reframed the problem for delivering a sustainable future for adult social care, we have discussed and applied it with a wide range of councils and service leaders.

The report sets out 5 Fast-Forwards that service leaders should focus on in order to deliver a sustainable future for adult social care:

  1. Reframing ambition
  2. Delivering at the frontline
  3. Understanding and influencing behaviours
  4. Managing interfaces
  5. Managing trajectories

3 months on from the launch, this framing is actively helping Directors of Adult Social Care to address the fact that the systems which exist to deliver public services to people are ‘complex’ rather than ‘complicated’. Complex problems cannot be solved but can be systematically managed, whereas complicated problems can be solved by following the same blueprint for a solution each time.

Our recent experience of applying 5 Fast-Forwards is that it is giving service leaders the confidence to widen the lens across organisational boundaries, and to overcome both short and medium term spend and demand pressures. It also:

  • Simplifies complexity by reframing the challenge and providing a practical tool for service leaders
  • Resonates with frontline staff by articulating the complexity that they experience every day
  • Provides confidence that existing initiatives are focused on some of the right things
  • Exposes opportunities to make big steps forward in the short and medium term
  • Provides a new framework for achieving successful delivery of change within a complex system.

If you are a service leader thinking about your short term pressures and medium term plans, contact us to facilitate a 5 Fast-Forwards workshop with you and your management team.

Haven’t read 5 Fast-Forwards yet? This is what other service leaders thought of it:

“I really enjoyed this think-piece. A refreshing and very welcome take on our challenges and solutions.” Steve Peddie – Executive Director Families and Wellbeing (DASS & DCS), Warrington Council

“A useful tool for realistically steering change across the complex system.” Kim Carey – Director of Adult Social Services, LB of Bromley

“A very thought-provoking piece which encourages us to think beyond the lack of money and integration.” Mathew Kendall – Executive Director – Adults, Dorset Council

“(The report) really resonated with me and my role as a leader responsible for social care….and the self-assessment toolkit is a good way of discussing with colleagues what we need to do now for a sustainable future for us all.” Guy Van Dichelle – Director of Adult Social Services, Croydon Council

Written by

Ralph Cook



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