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Adult Social Care

Delivering better outcomes and saving money, by tackling complexity and maximising independence.

The challenge

To maximise independence and deliver better outcomes, a person’s needs should be addressed by the entire system, but the current model does not reflect this reality. The adult social care system (led by local councils’ Departments of Adult Social Services) is often set up as a series of silos. But the consequences of looking inwards and focussing only on what can be directly controlled – rather than across the whole system to see what might be influenceable elsewhere – are poorer outcomes for people and higher costs for the taxpayer.

Our approach

The ‘5 Fast-Forwards’ are the five fundamental shifts that leaders in adult social care need to make to change their systems for the better and create a sustainable model. Making these shifts:

  • Gives Directors of Adult Social Care the confidence to reach beyond what they can directly control and begin to influence across interfaces and boundaries
  • Shifts the focus onto preventing and managing demand rather than simply accepting it as inevitable
  • Defines what ’good’ adult social care looks like, setting clear expectations around the outcomes achieved for the money spent (value) and how to measure it

The 5 Fast-Forwards are based on our EDGEWORK approach.

Our impact

Recent projects


reduction in residential care placements


directly saved (plus £6m indirectly saved)


examples of improved independence in ASC


EDGEWORK is IMPOWER’s unique approach to understanding and delivering change in complex systems. As public services are complex rather than complicated, this requires a different mindset, an ability to work with people - not just datasets - and unique methods and tools. Using EDGEWORK, we have changed behaviours, shaped public demand and improved outcomes while reducing costs.

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