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MCA Awards 2021: IMPOWER and clients named as finalists in 3 categories

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Adult social care, Being IMPOWER | 0 comments

Winners will be announced at the MCA Awards Ceremony on 1 November

We are delighted that IMPOWER and two of our clients have been named as finalists in three categories the 2021 MCA Awards.

The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) is the representative body for management consultancy firms in the UK. Their annual awards ceremony demonstrates the value of consulting, and celebrates the results achieved when clients and consultants work together.

The awards ceremony on Monday 1 November provides an opportunity to celebrate – not only the successes of projects and individuals, but the remarkable effort of consultants and clients to deliver change and impact during a tumultuous 18 months.

IMPOWER has been shortlisted in the following categories:

A summary of each nomination is provided below.

Change and transformation in the public sector with Lincolnshire County Council

This nomination is about IMPOWER’s Valuing SEND programme.

IMPOWER has helped Lincolnshire County Council to fundamentally reframe the way it supports children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The local authority has bucked national trends by reducing demand for SEND support, with a savings forecast of £4.6m to date, whilst enhancing life chances among some of the county’s most vulnerable children. Back in 2018, Lincolnshire County Council was facing rising costs around SEND support and growing demand for education, health and care plans (EHCPs) and specialist provision, but – with a reduction of 32% in ECHP requests – the local authority is now seen as an exemplar. The council is still on a transformational journey but the impact of changes to date are already clear.

Performance improvement in the public sector with Oxfordshire County Council

This nomination is about IMPOWER’s Valuing Care programme.

Faced with rising numbers of children going into care and escalating costs as a result, Oxfordshire County Council engaged IMPOWER to radically alter its ways of working. The council now has a clear understanding what children’s needs are, whether they are being met and where the gaps in provision lie. As a result, more children have been able to move out of residential care and into foster family placements, and in some cases, the family home. The project was never simply about saving money – although the financial benefits are substantial and it has achieved savings of £3.5m over three years. This was about boosting the life chances of the county’s most vulnerable children and young people, and – by building a clearer understanding of their needs – that is precisely what has been achieved.

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year – Leo Jones

This nomination is about thought leadership work on improving outcomes for children with SEND

Leo Jones has demonstrated powerful thought leadership around ways to improve outcomes for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Through first-hand experience of working in the sector and in consultancy with clients, he has challenged the national discourse that the flaws within the current system are purely financial and stimulated national debate on how to drive better outcomes for less. He has used his position and relationships in the sector to drive new thinking – particularly through facilitating three national roundtable discussions that have engaged parents, Government policymakers, school, health and council leaders. In partnership with clients, he has demonstrated how new approaches can deliver real improvements. This has led to Leo being invited to share his approach with the National Leadership Board that is leading a Government review of SEND.

We are extremely proud of our clients’ drive to deliver change and impact despite challenges presented by the pandemic. Local authorities could have paused council transformation work to focus on Covid recovery, but their commitment to delivering better outcomes for citizens enabled our work to continue.

Having our work recognised in this way is highly significant, and we very much look forward to finding out who has won at the MCA Awards Ceremony on 1 November!