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IMPOWER’s Heroes of 2020: 11 December

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Being IMPOWER | 0 comments

Find out who has inspired me this year…

Vicki is exactly the sort of person you need to successfully deliver positive transformational change in the public sector. She has the rare, but brilliant, blend of value-driven motivation, managerial skills and bloody-mindedness to steer a change programme from conception to business as usual.

We have been consistently impressed by her passion, dedication and commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable children and young people. She has worked tirelessly through the tricky period at North East Lincolnshire Council, and the even trickier lockdown time to help the council better understand the needs of its children and better match placements for those in care. Her hard work has also contributed to more young people moving towards family placements and better understood and supported foster carers. And she always does it with kindness, a smile on her face (and usually while telling a filthy joke).

We are continuously impressed with her skills, knowledge and willingness to lean in across data, system, practice and across different parts of the system for children and families.

Every change programme needs a Vicki, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to work with her in North East Lincolnshire.